Vacation Episode 1 – Carl G.Washburn

Oh the plans I had…

I used an app on my phone called Road Trippers. It is awesome! I highly recommend it for planning road trips. It made it easy to find campsites, hotels, and activities. I used google and other resources but Road Trippers helped glue it all together. It took nearly a month but I got it all planned. This vacation was going to be epic.

20170328_115806Truth is the vacation was awesome, even if it didn’t go as planned. We all had a great time. There was very little disruption. The kids got along for the most part. I did feel bad for Jozlynn because she didn’t have any peers to play with. She seemed to make the best out of it and played with Fiona a lot. She also entertained herself by trying to start fights. I’m not sure what to do about that. I called her out on it and she hasn’t done it again. At least not that I know of

We took highway 101 down the Pacific coast. Our first stop was Carl G Washburn. The campground was amazing. They had lots of sites and a very short half mile walk to the beach. We were able to get everything set up and leveled out nicely. The pop up tent trailer we borrowed was plenty big enough. As soon as everything was set up we took off to the beach. All of us were so excited. We brought our kites and buckets.

Fiona and Daddy playing in the sand

Fiona played in the sand with Daddy the whole time. She was perfectly content and very busy.  Fiona built her own sand castles and when we were leaving got to kick them down.

Jeremiah, Jazmyn and I started out with kites. It was a blast to watch the kids laughing and shouting about the kites. Jeremiah’s kite seemed to fly on its own. He hardly had to help keep it up.





Jozlynn at the beach

Jozlynn went straight to picking up sea shells. She twisted her ankle running around at the campsite. I can’t say she wasn’t warned. That is why she didn’t want to fly kites with us. It hurt to much to try and run to keep up with the kite. I walked down the beach to meet up with her and collect sea shells. Her and I don’t get much alone time so it was nice. I could tell she was tired, but she seemed to maintain control of herself. She is very much the kind of kid who is prone to tantrums when she is tired. I was very proud of her for that. The picture above may be my favorite picture of her. She is beautiful.


Jeremiah and Jazmyn started collecting shells and then it was instantly a competition. I made a snide remark to Jeremiah about him getting involved and it now being competitive. He caught on and told the girls they should put all their shells together and then they’d all have more. That made my heart sing.

In this picture to the left Jazmyn is photo bombing my selfie. They both had a great time photo bombing me. Little did they know that it was the easiest way to get a picture of them.



We all enjoyed the beach. Jozlynn was ready to be done and had very little patience for us on the walk back. Look at her face in the photo below. That is one annoyed little girl. She ended up just walking ahead. Even though she was tired and hurt she kept it together. That is my girl. I wish we could have stayed longer. Carl G. Washburn is a great place to stay.



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