Proud Millennial  


I am proud to be a Millennial. I also relate with Gen X. The two have more in common than one would think. Both generations come from Baby Boomers, and have to live with them judging the hell out of us. I was raised by Baby Boomers like many people my age. That is where I learned it was okay to be me. I grew up in a world where no one won first place. Our school system gave up on us. Computers gave us an advantage that no one, or at least most people, could have imagined.

I hear all sorts of things about Millennials from older generations, especially the ones that “raised” us. Sorry but I never thought that the world should be handed to me on a silver platter. I knew by watching my parents struggle that it was going to be a hard life. Growing up in the nineties was unique. Parents started micromanaging their children’s lives. My brother who is six years older than me was raised completely different. He had free reign. He had a latter curfew. Still his education was crap just like mine. I think that shit must have gone downhill in the eighties. We lived in a world of technology that our parents couldn’t understand. Yet for some reason, we are put down and pushed around by the Baby Boomer generation.freeimage-6117689-web

From my experience, Gen X and Millennials are not all that different. We fight for what we believe in. Our causes are hard to define because of the fallacies that the Regan administration applied. (ex. Trickledown economics and the war on drugs). Gen X tends to be more aggressive than Millennials, though. Probably because Millennials were not allowed to truly compete. We see a need for change and we move towards it. Boomers tend to belittle our movements because were not fighting the Vietnam War…

I’m proud of who I am and the people I connect with. We are fighting a world that was set against us. Our economy was ruined. The resources are depleted. The Earth has been irreparably damaged. Yet we continue to fight. We haven’t given up. We push forward with love and understanding seeking a fair and reasonable future. Who gets to pass judgment on that? Not the generation that fucked it up for us. Our parents should be proud of the efforts we are making to improve the shit whole they left us, with the limited and stunted start we had.



  1. great article, but the word is “shithole.” other than that? just about perfect. <- sure, pot and kettle action, but seriously only trying to help. your points are well made.


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