Vacation Episode 2: Sea lion Caves

If you are traveling highway 101 the sealion caves are a must see. It cost more than I felt like it was worth, still I don’t regret the money spent. We had a great time. The children got to see the sealions. I remember being their age and climbing all over the sealion statues. The last time I was there I was probably ten or eleven. My aunt and uncle brought me on their family vacation because my cousin and I were the same age. I can’t even say how grateful I am to them for the experience.

Kids at sealion caves
Jeremiah and Fiona at the Sealion Caves

We started out in the gift shop, getting suckered into buying some amazing fudge. Eventually we figured out where to buy the tickets and went down to see the sealions. We walked down a path to an elevator. It took us down about 100ft. The kids loved the elevator ride. We have a tradition of jumping when elevators are going down. It took all of my mom voice skills to keep them from jumping in this elevator. When we reached the bottom, we walked right passed the informative video and straight to the chain link fence that overlooks the giant cave where the sealions live. It was just as amazing as I remember. We stood and stared at them for what felt like forever, probably close to 20 minutes.

majestic as fuck sealion
Sealion singing

One sealion in particular sang the whole time. He was majestic as fuck. The showboat sat atop the center rock, back arched, and echoed his voice around the chamber. Over the crashing waves, we could hear his song. Other sealions around the cave did various sealion activities. One couple were getting their grove on. We had to distract the younger two from what they were doing, lest we wanted to answer baby making questions. Our teens were laughing hysterically.

Once the allure of the sealions wore off there wasn’t much else to see. We picked up a couple items at the gift shop. I have to say for a gift shop they were very reasonable. They have lots of tiny things that kids can get as mementos. Everyone got their items without fuss and we were on our way. According to google most people spend between one to two hours there, I’d have to say that was pretty accurate. It is well worth the stop if you are traveling down the coast. Sealion caves are a great way to stretch your legs and help educate your children on the importance of sea life.



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