Conversation with Anxiety

Today’s conversation with anxiety:

Me: good morning
Anxiety: you know he doesn’t love you any more right?
Me: fuck off
Anxiety: it’s because your fat
Me: you’re
Anxiety: whatever fatty

Anxiety: you’re not eating because you know I’m right.
Me: fuck off
Anxiety: you put to much pressure on him
Me: too
Anxiety: okay bag lady, go ahead pick up some more baggage
Me: I hate you
Anxiety: I’m you, so you hate yourself lol

Anxiety: you didn’t do anything productive today
Me: because you paralyzed me
Anxiety: take some responsibility in your life
Me: all I have is responsibility
Anxiety: cry baby

Anxiety: he thinks your boring
Me: no he doesn’t
Anxiety: yes he does, you don’t do anything fun
Me: because I have too much shit to do
Anxiety: exactly
Me: fuck off

Anxiety: did you see the way he looked at you
Me: fuck off
Anxiety: no really, I told you so
Me: he’s struggling with something right now it’s not me… I think
Anxiety: wow your dumb
Me: fuck off

Anxiety: you’re not enough
Me: you need to stop this
Anxiety: why can’t you just be better
Me: I’m better than you
Anxiety: I am you
Me: fuck off

Anxiety: everything is your fault
Me: sometimes life happens
Anxiety: than you make it worse
Me: then
Anxiety: you’re still a fuck up

Anxiety: what have you done with your life
Me: I have a beautiful daughter, and three amazing kids
Anxiety: you can’t the credit for that
Me: I can take solace in it
Anxiety: touché

Me: fuck you Anxiety you suck
Anxiety: lol yeah but not as much as you

She’s kind of like an old friend or relative that shows up out of the blue. I really can’t stand her, I just can’t figure out how to make her go away.
So instead I cope by writing about it.


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