Burn the house down! The Kids Have Lice!

You’re doing you daughters hair and something catches your eye. Oh crap. She has lice. Some people gag, others jump and scream. If you are anything like me then you drop your head and sigh. “Go get the comb.” I have three girls and a boy. All of them have way too much hair. When they were all in elementary school we battled lice like it was the war to end all wars. Their school considered it a pest and not a health concern. They don’t excuse the absence for children with lice. Nor do they send them home. Occasionally, we’ll get a paper home explaining that someone in the class has lice.

In the early days of the war I spent literally thousands of dollars. I bought remedies of all kind and types. I tried everything from “Top Brand” lice treatments to tea tree and olive oil. I would spend hours combing through hair, washing, vacuuming, bagging, and in general developing and OCD like behavior towards the cleanliness of my house.

If you want to fight like a pro, follow my advice.

  1. Treat the head first. My best weapon was Vamousse. I saved hundreds when I found Vamousse. After all the treatments I tried, this is the one that killed the lice for real. It is so simple to apply and efficient. Simply part the hair and apply the mouse, to dry hair. Read the directions. They will walk you through it. It also supplies the best lice combs. The plastic little combs, that come in other brands, break and clog easily. Also, you have to watch for warping. Rather quickly, the plastic combs become useless. Vamousse supplies a comb with mettle tines that last for use after use. This leads me to step two.
  2. Comb through the hair thoroughly. Do this every day for at least three days. You must get all the eggs and watch for any hatchlings. Then after three days switch to every other day.
  3. Clean, Clean, Clean. Vacuum every room, every piece of furniture. Wash all sheets and pillow cases and blankets. Clean up all the laundry off the floor and wash that. Clean all your kids coats and hats. Base ball caps can usually go through the dishwasher without much damage. Put all stuffed animals that can go into the wash, in the wash. Everything else, that has fibers that can hide lice, needs to be bagged up for 30 days. Wash all brushes with as hot water as they can stand for twenty minutes. Repeat this weekly for a month.
  4. Retreat the hair after one week. You may choose to skip this step. If you do, make sure to check and double check oh and triple check. Check their hair every day for weeks. I don’t know why anyone would skip this. Especially since Vamousse is so easy and inexpensive.

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