Chore Chart

Chore Chart

We are going on vacation. I bet you would like to buy cool things from the places we go. Here is your chance to earn vacation money doing the things we already expect you to do. There is a total of 1000 points available. Your points will be totaled on March 25th. Making an effort and good choices are going to earn you the most points. If a point is missed the point is lost until next time you do the chore. You will still be required to do the task. In other words check the list and the quality of your work before you are done, or you will lose points.

 Kitchen 9 points available

Dishes = 3

Put away clean dishes = 1

Change the towel under the dishes if it needs it = ½

Wash stove top = ½

Wipe and clean up table = ½

Wash counters = ½

(this is done with anti-bacterial cleaning solution or wipes!)

Wipe front of refrigerator = ½

Take out garbage = ½

(including stuff stacked next to it! Reline)

Sweep = ½

(don’t forget to get under the table and where the garbage’s are)

Mop = ½

Refill animal feeders = ½

Drain and clean sinks and drain catcher = ½

(this includes the back of the sink too!)

Living Room 6 points available

Vacuum = 1

Dust = 1

Stack paper work = ½

Wash coffee table = ½

Organize shoe rack = 1

Organize coat rack = 1

Clear dishes = ½

(scrape plates and bowls!)

Wash windows = ½


Bathroom 6 points available

Clean sink and counter = ½

Scrub toilet = ½

Separate clothes = ½

Scrub bath tub = 1

Sweep and mop = ½

Change garbage = ½

Stock toilet paper = ½

Clean outside of toilet = ½

Wash the toy basket out = ½

Straighten up the shelves = ½

Clear and Vacuum hallway = ½

Clean mirror = ½

Clean Baby toilet = ½

Bonus Points

Clean under the sink bathroom = 3 one time only

Clean under the sink kitchen = 4 one time only

Sanitize the bath toys = 1

Do your own laundry without making a mess = 1

Get caught doing something nice = 1

This is an action that is out of your way

This is something you don’t really want to do

Playing with, coloring a picture etc. Doesn’t count

It only counts for siblings

Sibling should report it

Give a genuine compliment = ½ each compliment limited to 1 point per day


Making good choices = 1


Lying = -5

Stealing = -5

Saying mean things = -3

Leaving chore undone on chore days = -5

















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